Veneers in Bowling Green - Bluegrass Oral Health
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Almost anyone can get the smile they always wanted with veneers.  In two visits we can replace your old, worn, discolored teeth with a smile designed for you.  We take great care in planning each case, and work with our lab in California to design your new look around your facial features.  Feel free to bring in a picture of your younger self, or perhaps a celebrity’s smile that you’ve always loved.  Come in, we would love to discuss your case.  It can completely change your life in just two weeks.

Do you do lumineers?

No. Lumineers are veneers that don’t remove any tooth structure at all. They are essentially glued to the front of your teeth. You can imagine how bulky this would make your teeth feel. We remove a very thin layer of the front of each tooth. This way you still have a very natural look, while not damaging the tooth.

What is the difference between a veneer and a crown?

A crown is porcelain that surrounds the entire tooth. A veneer is the same porcelain only covering the front of the tooth. In some instances a crown may function better than a veneer, but cosmetically they are the same.

Are they expensive?

Veneers are an investment. Your smile changes the way that people perceive and respond to you. Although the initial cost can be substantial, it’s an investment that pays for itself your entire life. Because of this, now more than ever, some insurances are beginning to cover veneers. Come in and we can see how many you might need, and what difference it will make for you.

Do they look fake?

Veneers can look any way we want them to. Some patients desire an extremely white smile, and others want a more natural look. You should feel confident in knowing that you’ll know what they look like before they are placed.

Do I need to veneer all of my teeth?

Every patient is different. Some people show their bottom teeth and some don’t. Some people have huge broad smiles that show many teeth, and some only show the front 6 teeth. Each person’s case is unique.