IV Sedation dentistry in Bowling Green - Bluegrass Oral Health
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IV Sedation Dentistry

IV sedation is an incredible tool to make dental work much easier for patients.  By utilizing highly trained nurse anesthetists we are able to safely sedate patients in our office.  Any procedure can be performed under IV sedation, and often times patients use it to get large amounts of treatment effortlessly completed in one sitting.

Is it safe?

Yes! The medications used in the office are extremely safe. Also they are being administered by the same professionals that put patients to sleep in the operating room at the medical center.

Does it cost more to have Nurse Anesthetists administer sedation?

No. We do not charge any more for the nurse anesthetists. It is the same fee as other dentists if not less. If we are in network, your insurance company will tell us which fee to charge regardless of who administers the medication.

Will I be completely asleep?

Not really. Office sedation is called moderate sedation. The person administering anesthesia is constantly giving you more or less medication depending on your need. You still breathe on your own, and we have the ability to quickly wake you up. The amount of medication should allow you to have a painless experience that you do not remember.