Botox treatments in Bowling Green - Bluegrass Oral Health
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Botox is created from Botulinum toxin.  A natural protein created by the bacteria that works by weakening muscles.  When applied to specific areas it relaxes the muscle for 3-4 months, smoothing the lines and wrinkles that it created.    When used over time this also prevents the overlying skin from changing and losing its shape.  The application take less than 30 minutes and results are seen in days.

Is it safe?

Yes, botox is very safe. It has been used for years for many applications with very few contraindications. Botox is purified and does not contain the actual toxin that results in Botulism.

Is it painful?

Not really. Dr. Thomas uses a specialized syringe that limits injection pain. After the procedure mild soreness is common for 1 to 2 days, but is not anticipated.

Will I look funny or fake?

No, botox simply relaxes your own muscles. It is not a filler or plastic surgery. It simply brings out the best in your natural facial features and protects your skin from the long term effects of aging.