Specialty Procedures - Bluegrass Oral Health - Implants, sedation dentistry
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Specialty Procedures

We pride ourselves on utilizing the latest in technology and advances in dentistry, while building our practice on tried and true techniques and materials.  All treatment is based on research and experience, and is intended to provide the best outcome possible suited for your individual need.


Implants are titanium posts that take the place of a tooth root.  We place implants to restore single teeth, bridges, and to secure dentures from moving.  For dentists and patients they are simply game changing.  Implants are relatively painless and should provide a lifetime of happiness free from the worry of decay.

Root Canals

Does your tooth hurt? Nothing has changed more in dentistry than the dreaded root canal.  Because of technology root canal appointments now are similar to having a long filling placed.  When done correctly they should preserve your tooth for years to come and stop your pain and infection.


We’re tired of denture gimmicks.  We make the best dentures possible by making an impression of your mouth while it’s moving, so your dentures fit your mouth while you’re eating, smiling, and speaking  not just at rest. We use the best materials and lab we can find.  If possible we use implants to hold your dentures in place.  More than any procedure making dentures involves a great relationship between patient and dentist and that doesn’t stop after you receive your new smile.

Same Day Crowns CEREC

We are extremely proud to offer same day crowns.  We’ve made investments in technology that allow us to provide a crown in under 2 hours that is of exceptional quality and natural in appearance.  No more temporaries or returning for a second visit.  Its truly amazing to watch this technology at work.  Your tooth will be stronger than ever and ready to use by the time you leave.


There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t have a discussion about TMJ in our office.  Headaches, Earaches, Neckaches, and ringing in the ears are all signs of TMJ or TMD.  Too many dentists are quick to offer bite guards and appliances as the only solution.  We are proud that we can resolve many of the issues without any treatment at all, but offer therapy in conjunction with specialists in ENT and physical therapy depending on need.  This is one condition where it takes a common sense approach to evaluate and curtail effective treatment to your individual needs.


We love doing veneers.  There’s no other procedure as rewarding as giving someone a beautiful smile.  In two appointments you can change worn, colored, badly aligned teeth, while removing as little of the tooth as possible.  We have lots of experience to assist you in discovering the smile you’ve always wanted.  Come in for a free consultation.

IV Sedation

Does dentistry make you anxious? Many dentists perform their own IV sedation.  We made the choice to utilize nurse anesthetists from the Medical Center, the same people sedating people for open heart surgeries, to come to our office and sedate our patients.  This way we can focus on what we’re good at, dentistry, and they can focus on your health and safety.  While sedated you can have all your dental work performed at one time in a pain free, care free environment, knowing you have the best care possible.

Oral Sedation

Are you anxious about dental work, but don’t feel IV sedation is right for you?

Oral sedation involves taking two small pills that relax, and often times allow you to sleep through your entire appointment. More importantly most patients don’t remember any of their procedure when it’s over.  It’s a wonderful way to tackle anxiety or long procedures and is extremely safe.

Wisdom Teeth

Did you ever think the same dentist who you see for your cleanings would also remove your wisdom teeth?  We know what it’s like to gain trust with your doctor, and the thought of going to someone you’ve never met for a big procedure can be scary.  We perform the vast majority of surgeries in our office, and utilize 3 dimensional X rays to accurately perform the surgery.  With the addition of a nurse anesthetist administering IV sedation and utilization of our L-PRF healing, we believe we’ve created the safest environment possible for you and your family.  You can even have your other dental work done at the same time!

L-PRF Healing

Our bodies have everything in them to heal themselves.  What if we could concentrate all of our own healing abilities and utilize them for surgery.  That is precisely what L-PRF is about, and the result is less bleeding, less inflammation, faster healing, and significantly less pain.  We hope that it gets you back to normal fast!  It’s all natural, and represents the cutting edge of dental surgery.


Want a natural and effective way to smooth down lines and wrinkles?  Do you need a solution for clenching and grinding your teeth?  Botox is a safe and amazing procedure that can accomplish both.  Come in for a free consultation with Dr. Thomas, you won’t be disappointed!

Sleep Apnea

Do you or your loved one snore?  Are you tired during the day but don’t know why? It could be a very common condition called sleep apnea.  We work hand and hand with the best sleep doctors in town to help treat this condition and get your life back.