Bluegrass Oral Health - Crowns in Bowling Green
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Same-Day Crowns CEREC

A crown is a porcelain “cap” that surrounds your tooth, making it stronger so that it won’t fracture.  Crowns look and feel natural, and are stronger than your natural teeth.  Crowns are necessary when teeth develop fractures or have very large fillings that weaken your teeth.  With our same-day procedure you can get a crown in Bowling Green or work through one of our other locations. We use a computer to scan your tooth.  This means no more disgusting impression material in your mouth.  We then digitally develop your crown using your bite,  and mill your new crown out of very strong porcelain.  The crown is usually able to seat in under two hours.  No need for a temporary that can come off, or a second visit.  This amazing technology has changed the way we practice dentistry.

How do I know if I need a crown?

The most common way to know that you need a crown is to have pain or sensitivity when you bite down. This may indicate a small crack. A crown can fix a small fracture before it gets larger. If a fracture is too large it will require an extraction.

Do I need to have a root canal too?

Most crowns will not require a root canal if they are treated soon enough. The longer the cavity or fracture is present, the greater the risk that the nerve is involved. This is when a root canal may be necessary.

Is a “CEREC” crown as good as a conventional crown?

Yes, if not better. Conventional crowns require making an impression, sending it to a lab, a lab tech setting the impression in stone, fabricating the crown, and sending it back to cement it. Our CEREC crowns use a scanner that digitally creates and mills your crown directly, making for a stronger, more accurate crown.

Do they cost more?

No, CEREC crowns cost the same as conventional crowns.

Do you still do conventional crowns?

Yes. There are instances when we feel other materials are more cosmetic, or in the case of multiple crowns where we need to address a complicated bite.

Can I eat after the procedure?

Yes. As soon as you leave the office you can eat and use your new crown without any worry of it coming off.