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A Different Type of Dental Office

A Different Type of Dental Office

BGOHC has become a big part of our Team Member’s lives. We made a choice to be here, and the reason why is a little deeper than to have a day to day job.

Often my brother and I get asked the question, “How did you end up in Bowling Green?”

A little Back Story.

Nine years ago, Dr. Tommy and Dr. Meghan graduated from UK and began sending resumes out to prospective practices; they searched for an office that would hire the two of them out of school (they married shortly after graduation). Their resumes landed on the desk of Dr. Andrew Burt, who was willing to take a chance on two young dentists.

As the three of them began practicing together, Dr. Burt acted as a mentor and always kept the mentality that “I’ll have your back” when bringing new associates into the fold, sharing his knowledge, and sharing his philosophy on how we treat our patients.

Fast forward five years and fresh out of dental school, the opportunity came up for me to choose my career and where my wife and I could potentially start our family. Bowling Green and BGOHC was a natural choice when Dr. Tommy told me a spot was available.

The reason why BGOHC was right for me are the same reasons why I think prospective patients should feel comfortable coming to our office. The priorities Dr. Burt emphasizes day in and day out are trust and respect. Whatever background our patients come from, whatever treatment we end up performing, our patients deserve the best.

If there’s one thing I hate to hear when new patients come in, it’s that they felt like they were sales pitched, or that their dentist was “always trying to get me to do something else.” To me, that goes directly against what Dr. Burt, and now our team, were founded on.

I think the best day you can have at the dentist is the appointment when everything looks great, you are happy with your smile, and we are sure that smile is gonna be there just as bright and happy in six months. It’s disrespectful for me to say your teeth look dingy and need to be whitened if that isn’t what concerns you. As such, our hygienists never sell “teeth whitening” or tell you about a “hot sale” on toothbrushes.

Four years have gone by super quick for me. The BGOHC family has grown by leaps and bounds since Dr. Burt began the practice. We are now a team of seven doctors, ten hygienists,  and over 30 team members serving in capacities from treatment coordinators to assistants. With such a big team, I’m proud to say I always feel like I have complete freedom to be the best version of myself.  I’ve never had to redo something and then been second-guessed, I’ve never had a second where I felt like I needed a second opinion and it wasn’t there. I truly believe in the team we have and that each one of them has the best for our patients in their heart.

We just want one thing, and that’s for you to trust your dentist again.