Oral Sedation - Bluegrass Oral Health Center
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Oral Sedation

Oral sedation dentistry is a powerful tool that we use every day in the office.  For a significantly lower cost we administer 2 tablets of a sedative that will help you relax and often allow you to sleep through your procedure.  Even better, most patients do not remember the procedure when it’s over.  We use oral sedation for everything from cleanings to wisdom teeth.  It’s a wonderful and less invasive way to approach dental work like tooth extraction and dental implants.  We can even complete a root canal and a crown on the same tooth while you are asleep.  Imagine waking up and going to eat on your new crown with no problems!

Will I be completely asleep?

Oral sedation truly affects everyone differently.  Most often patients are able to sleep through their procedure.  Some patients are simply more relaxed.  We will often combine an inhaled sedative with the medication to get a fully relaxed state.  Regardless we allow for plenty of time for patients to be comfortable before we begin each procedure.